Old Poway Park: Ozzie: Children


Last August I got to do my first baby shoot of a little guy by the name of Ozzie (check out that shoot HERE). At the time he was a tiny little 5 month old who could hardly muster enough strength to crawl. I never realized how fast babies grow and develop until I got together with The Leighton’s again to take pictures of Ozzie, who just recently turned one. In 7 quick months Ozzie had sprouted into a little man who was eager to venture all over Old Poway Park where we did the shoot.

As was the case with the last “year old” child I worked with, Ozzie was far more interested in exploring the park than in getting some pictures taken. The tough part is, the second you pull them away from what they are engaged with their world seems to fall apart and continues to until they can resume what they were doing. I have learned that it is best to let children of this age roam at their will and just chase them around while clicking away on the camera. I generally end up with hundreds of pictures from these types of shoots, with most of them not being usable. But within the batch come some amazing candid shots that no photographer could have staged. It’s capturing those type of shots that always keeps me on my toes.

Thanks so much Matt, Kimmy and Hillarry for letting me be able to capture Ozzie growing up. I can wait to see how much he will have changed the next time we get together for another shoot.

I hope you enjoy the little preview of his session. Be sure to let me know what you think of the shoot and which one you like the most. It always helps me learn/grow as a photographer when I get feedback.


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