Riley Geneve :: Newborn

I can’t believe we have all grown up. I have known Robby from the time I was born. The Fleisher’s have always been a second family to me. It seems like yesterday we were just a bunch of adventurous kids living on Bellflower Drive. It has been awesome to be apart of Robby’s life to this day, which makes this little shoot of his newborn daughter, Riley, so special. It is crazy to think that the difference in age between Reid (my son) and Riley is the same between me and Robby’s younger sister Holly, who has always been my “lil sis” growing up. I can only wonder if this is the making of a new generation of childhood friends.

Robby and Chelsea, your daughter is adorable! Brianne and I are so pumped for you to join the parenthood club. It is the absolute best!

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