Downtown San Diego: Susan and Tony: Engagement

I totally blew it the first time I met with Susan and Tony. I was sitting home in my sweats editing a recent shoot when I got a call from Susan. As normal, I answered it and asked how she was doing and then stated how I was just hanging out getting caught up on some work. Her next words sent a shock through out my body that caused me to spring out of my chair while my jaw hit the floor. “Um Sean” she said in a nice, patient voice. “We are suppose to be meeting right now to talk about wedding photography.” I probably was as white as a ghost. I have never gotten ready so quick in my life. I had made the mistake of writing their meeting down for the following Wednesday so I didn’t think twice about it that day.

What grace they showed me when I showed up more than a half-hour late and completely frazzled. I am so glad my error didn’t cost me the opportunity to work with them because they are such a fun couple. I think their images clearly show the genuineness of their love for each other. I am obsessed with images that capture raw laughter and smiles that are prompted out of love. Our shoot together was filled with these images.

Susan and Tony, I am pumped to be a part of your wedding. I can’t wait to capture the emotions of that day.

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