The Ranch: Dana and Joel: Engagement

Wow this was one of our favorite shoots. We drove an hour east of San Diego to Dana’s ranch and took tons of pictures in different locations and different wardrobe changes. Not only was the location amazing, but the couple glowed in every shot. Dana is a life-long friend of mine. We became really good friends in high school and ever since have been super close no matter if we are miles away from eachother or not. Dana is not only beautiful on the outside but is gorgeous on the inside. When it came to boys, she was picky but for all the right reasons. I knew whoever she’d end up with had to be INCREDIBLE. She was too amazing herself to not pick an amazing man. Years went by and dana would call me from college telling me about different boys she liked, but none that had captured her heart, until one day this past winter when she told me she thinks she met “the one”. One afternoon she came over to my house and we ate lunch and she said that she had never loved a boy like this before and that she knew she would marry him one day. It has been amazing to watch Dana fall in love with a man that absolutely adores her. Their love for God and eachother is evident in the way they treat and love on others. It brings so much joy to Sean and I to be a part of our friends relationship and be able to capture their love in still pictures. Joel you are a lucky man and we are so happy for you guys. Thank you for taking such good care of one of my best friends and making her so happy. You both are going to do powerful things. This shoot was just a glimpse of all the fun you two have together. Thank you both for showing us how to love. – brianne

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