Chloe and Stella

Besides having ridiculously cute names, Chloe and Stella are adorable. When you have the biggest blues eyes its hard not to shine in front of the camera. Their shoot started off a little challenging, because when we arrived at the San Diego Botanic Garden we were made aware that the park actually closed in less than 30 mins. So as fast as we could we scurried around the garden to get some pictures taken.

Both Chloe and Stella were pretty shy in front of the camera for a while so I knew we needed to continue the shoot elsewhere to really capture their cuteness. As we were driving from one area to another I happened to spot this little field that was covered with tall grass and purple flowers. Since I was following the Hambright’s I couldn’t just pull over to check it out but made a mental note about it. We ended up at a park near their house which was a cool little community center and began shooting there. The whole time I couldn’t get this little field out of my head.

I was a little hesitant suggesting going back to that field because: 1.) It was a random little field I saw for maybe 5 seconds as I drove by 2.) It was a little bit of a drive to get back to it 3.) We had already been shooting with the girls for a while and I didn’t want to overdue it for them or their parents. But everything inside of me kept saying just convince them to go back… it will be worth it. And let me tell you, it was! Not only was the location awesome, but the girls really loved playing in the field. They were full of smiles standing in the flowers that stood taller than them.

What I learned from this shoot: Always go with your gut instinct and convince the client it will be way worth it.

Kelly and Currie, thanks so much being troopers and trusting me to venture back to the little field on the side of the road. I really hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of what’s to come on your disc.

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