what to wear!

This is a lil section by my wife (the stylist). It is not to offend, just to give creative ideas. We dont want you to look back 5-10 years down the road and regret what you wore. I know this may be hard to avoid with fashion trends changing minute by minute. But here are a few guidelines of Do’s and Dont’s for what to wear. We will start off with Dont’s first!


  • “Matchy matchy” is OUT! I know you may think its cute to wear the exact same thing, but it always looks better when you are in coordinating colors but not EXACTLY the same. If you really want to match- Great.. no problem. Just a difference in preference!
  • Unless you are super thin, horizontal stripes are NEVER flattering.
  • Women- Sleeves usually photograph better than no sleeves. Arms are always an issue.. I know I am a girl and always thinking of tricks to make my arms look smaller…
  • Men- Avoid bright white shirts. Also be aware of your shoes. We like taking pictures of shoes.. so try to take good ones with you, and if you don’t know which to choose, sites as Shoe Adviser online could help with this!


  • Color coordinate without being too “matchy matchy” Dont be afraid of bold patterns- but if one or two of you are in pattern, then rest should be in solid coordinating colors. Find a few colors and stick with them. Make sure that you keep it simple as well, something as simple as an alpaca scarf that matches the main color the other is wearing will do the trick.
  • Always looks great when women and girls are in dresses or skirts and men and boys are in pants or shorts.
  • Nice Jeans are great too with a dressy top.
  • Try not to overdo the colors you choose, use fun accessories or just a pop of color under a blazer or tie to pull it all together.
  • Its Totally Great to be traditional too- do black and white, but when you do it, add fun accessories, or place the shoot in a funky setting. Or use different patterns like stripes with solids or polka dots.
  • Its all about the ACCESSORIES: I love when girls show off style with cute headbands or belts, big rings, necklaces, funky shoes, etc..and when guys wear things that fit their style like ties, vests, hats, shoes….. Do some pictures funky and stylish, and others conservative and classy.. both are FANTASTIC!

As long as you are having fun and feel comfortable- then you will receive portraits that you LOVE!! Dont stress.. just be yourself!!

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